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TO TRANSFORM from a foppish, albeit ageing, Casanova, to a real life scandal plagued politician, Hugh Grant, he of the Mickey Blue Eyes, had to wear dark contact lenses.The effect is immediately menacing, lending Grant a sort of shark eyes look someone you instinctively don trust.And you shouldn trust his character in A Very English Scandal Jeremy Thorpe, a British political leader who was accused of ordering a hit on his gay lover in the 1970s.The Thorpe scandal shocked the nation and the court case which followed exposed an ambitious politician, Givenchy bucket bag an incompetent assassination scheme and the ugly prejudice that allowed it to happen.The three part miniseries debuts this week on BBC First (available on Foxtel and Fetch) and it not only features a career best performance from Grant, it pits him against the always talented and always watchable Ben Whishaw.If you like the episodes of The Crown that focus on one particular historical event, like the one about The Profumo Affair, the great smog of 1952 or the instalment with Lord Altrincham, A Very English Scandal will tick a lot of boxes for you. Don walk, run to the TV and press play. Otherwise, be assured that this a confident historical series packed with amazing performances, political intrigue and a propulsive story that capture your attention from the first frame to the last.Look at those beady shark eyesSource:Supplied.When Thorpe first meets his lover Norman Josiffe (Whishaw) in 1961, he a star on the rise, a young pollie with verve and ideas. The meeting at a mutual friend country house turns into a messy affair and several damning letters with proclamations of love and devotion.(Side note: When will people learn to not document illicit love affairs in writing?)When things turn sour, and Thorpe cuts Norman off from the housing the older man has paid for, the tossed aside party makes threats. Norman has little else going on, Captivating Hugh Grant series Givenchy unable to hold down a job and without the National Insurance Card Thorpe has promised to replace.Fearing exposure and the end of a promising career, Thorpe confides in colleague and ally Peter Bessell (The Crown Alex Jennings) his uncomfortable predicament, after Bessell confessed to having also indulged in some same sex dalliances on occasion himself.Over the next decade, each time Norman resurfaces, Thorpe (now married with a child) and Bessell talk about how to dispatch the They talk about murder in detached, intellectual terms with a callous disregard for this person life. Shopping Givenchy With Wholesale Price: Tags: #Givenchy #yupoo #yupoo Givenchy #yupoo aliexpress #aliexpress handbags #yupoo search #yupoo english #qiqi fashion #free vector #dhgate reviews